5 Reasons Your Kitchen Renovation Should Start with a Design Meeting

Renovating your kitchen with the Kennebec Company is a one-of-a-kind experience. This is why.

1. We are experts in personalized design. No two homeowners are alike. Even if you did find two identical kitchen layouts, the way you live in and use the space is unique to you. Your Kennebec designer gets to know you, how you cook, entertain and live in your kitchen. Our designer works with you to achieve a design that meets all the needs of your lifestyle, now, and for years to come.

2. We design kitchens that are befitting to your home. Whether it is a Victorian home in a historic neighborhood, an old farmhouse in the country, or a seaside Cape, we design cabinetry that belongs in your home. It is not our goal to align with the trends of an industry, but rather to build cabinetry that is timeless. A Kennebec Kitchen fits the architecture of your home, embodying the character and craftsmanship that make your house unique.

3. Our team builds what our designers create. With our long tradition as craftsmen and craftswomen, building custom kitchens by hand, we pride ourselves in our ability to create custom elements for the way you live in your home. The unity of our team of designers and craftspeople enables us to do this.

4. Our designers don’t stop at design. Your Kennebec designer will be at your side from day one through completion of the project and beyond. In addition to managing every aspect of the cabinetry work, we work with your renovation team of architects, builders, electricians and so on to ensure a smooth and successful kitchen renovation. This personal attention throughout the process has been proven to deliver exceptional results… even a few tears (of joy)!

5. Maine is our home, but we design and build kitchens throughout New England and across the country. Each project is treated with the attention, care, and time needed to achieve a perfect result, whether you live here in Bath, Maine, in the Catskill Mountains of New York, or on the shores of Naples, Florida. The Maine craftsmanship and care that goes into the work here is unmatched, but it’s our interaction with you and your home that shapes each project. We’re happy to come to you.

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“I can not recommend Kennebec Company more highly. From the moment of contact and throughout the entire design process it has been a pleasure. From the highly competent, accommodating, supporting and engaged designer, as well as staff, to the beautiful pieces of art that they create, I could not be more satisfied.”  

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