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Our team consists of experienced designers, talented engineers, and dedicated woodworking and support teams who fit your kitchen to your home and your life.

Mitch Bayles

Having moved to Maine 5 years ago,
Mitch is a native of Princeton,
New Jersey who now resides in Portland.
He attended woodworking school in
Burlington, Vermont and has extensive
experience as a furniture maker,
construction worker and cabinetmaker.
In his free time Mitch mountain bikes,
travels and spends time in his garden.
Another passion is his love
of bread making.

Matt Dugal
Dylan Estabrooks

Dylan Estabrooks was born in New
Hampshire and raised in northern Vermont.
Dylan is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying
skiing, mountain biking, camping and
gardening, though he also claims he can
build a replica of any kitchen out of
LEGO. Dylan is a graduate of the
University of Vermont and has spent his
career as a carpenter and woodworker
before joining Kennebec Company and
transitioning to the design team.

Karla Gagnon

Karla Gagnon, a Montana native, has
lived in Maine for 40 years. She’s attended
the University of Montana and the
University of Maine Orono and has
worked in hotel and restaurant
management, call center and technical
support management, and retail
management. A resident of Bath,
Karla enjoys cooking and baking,
continuing a 40-year exploration of
Maine, and reading to her grandchildren.

Heather Krausse

Heather Krausse attended Endicott
College and College of the Atlantic,
graduating with a degree in Human
Ecology/Architecture. Having worked
as a landscaper and contractor and a
residential carpenter, Heather moved on
to apprentice under one of Frank Lloyd
Wright’s apprentices, James Schildroth,
and launched her own organic design firm
before joining Kennebec Company.
A New Jersey native, Heather enjoys
tennis, kayaking, camping and
dressage, among many other interests.

Christian Langord
Kevin Olsen

Kevin Owen was born in
Tacoma, Washington, but has
now lived in Maine for nearly
35 years. He’s a graduate of
Baker High School, is an
exceptional elder caretaker
and has worked commercial
fishing in Alaska.

James Stewart

Over his long career with
Kennebec Company, James rose
from cabinet maker to company owner
through hard work and an unsurpassed
dedication to craft. James’s ability to
help people with a common passion
work together, fuels a company culture
that aims to excite our craftspeople
as much as our kitchens elate
our homeowners.

Eric Tirrell

A University of Maine Orono alum,
Eric Tirrell was born in New Hampshire
and has lived in Maine for 54 years.
Before joining Kennebec Company,
Eric worked as a builder, remodeler,
and creating cabinetry and finish
installation. Eric is a secret fly tier
and enjoys high school sports, night
sky photography, spending time
at camp and, of course, fly fishing.

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At our millwork shop, we realize no two kitchens are the same. With more than 47 years of experience, we have built a legacy of refined design and craftsmanship. Our talented craftspeople take great pride in every aspect of our cabinetry. From choosing the suitable wood species, to hand planing to applying paint with a brushed finish. Our dedicated staff takes your ideas and turns them into cabinetry that will last a lifetime.

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Visit our showroom located in the historic Customs House building in beautiful Bath, Maine. This serves as the starting point that allows our clients to determine what style speaks to them. While some clients come to us with a clear vision of what they want, others lean on our talented designers to define that perfect look.