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In our shop, we don’t ever ask, “is it good enough?” Because if you have to ask, you already know the answer. We often wonder if our attention to detail is over the top, but when you measure excellence against the rugged beauty of the Maine coast, it’s hard not to get a little obsessive.


Not all planks are created equal, and not all wood meets our criteria. We source the finest grades of the finest woods, selecting for beauty and durability. Where possible, we employ quarter sawn woods that help retain resilience over time and grain-match all drawers in succession to create a polished appearance.

In order to recreate the heritage of our cabinets, Kennebec Company utilizes time honored techniques that still stand up today. Using hand planes, we can recreate the antique appearance of pieces built hundreds of years ago while enhancing its natural texture. To create strong yet invisible joints, we employ a mortise and tenon technique.


Much of Kennebec Company’s stellar reputation is built on our finish work. We take exceptional care in applying the finishes that will make a cabinet unmistakeably yours. Every step we take in finishing, whether period or modern, has been researched and tested, and is one of the most visible reasons why our cabinetry stands apart from all others. Each finish is beautiful, showcases the craftsmanship, requires little maintenance, is incredibly durable, and is easily repairable.


Here in Maine, our environment is the heart of our industry. Which is why we build cabinets in ways that protect the health of our craftspeople, conserve resources, and minimize environmental impact in your home. Our products employ sustainably harvested wood, including plywood that meets LEED program requirements. Our water-based stains and finishes are extremely low VOC and for painted finishes, we use a waterborne alkyd paint that uses waterborne colorants, significantly reducing odor and achieving low-VOC levels. This paint is CHPS certified, qualifies for LEED® credit and meets strict VOC and SCAQMD regulations—even after tinting. And our cabinetry incorporates long-lasting under-cabinet LED lighting. Of course, building cabinetry that will likely never need to be replaced may be the biggest environmental benefit of all.