Woodside Modern

  • Location: Brunswick, Maine
  • Room: Kitchen
  • Home Built: 2023
  • Collection: Simply Kennebec
  • Finish: Paint- Benjamin Moore #HC-11, Nantucket Gray

Featuring our Simply Kennebec Sequin cabinet line, this new construction home in Brunswick, Maine, embodies a harmonious blend of modern construction techniques and traditional craftsmanship. The choice of Nantucket Gray paint color adds a timeless allure to the kitchen, complementing the Clear Maple wood used in our cabinets. The cabinets, constructed with a flush insert style and adorned with the Sequin 3/16 inset panel door design, showcase a seamless fusion of contemporary functionality and classic charm. This kitchen design pays homage to the rich heritage of traditionally crafted cabinets while embracing the innovation of new construction methods, creating a timeless and modern space.